About Woody's Pro Lures

Woody's Pro Lures is a manufacturer of high quality spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, wobbler jigs, swim jigs and garlic injected trailers. We build lures for Bass, Northern and Muskie. Some of our specialties include 24kt gold blades, wobbler jigs with weed guards and all baits are built and packaged by award winning fisherman in our Midwestern location.

We build, Magnum Spinnerbaits, 24kt Gold Spinnerbaits, 15 sounds of Buzzbaits, Trumans, Muskies, Wobbler Jigs, Swim Jigs and Garlic Injected Trailers.

We use only the highest quality components available.

  • Mustad Needle Point Hooks
  • Sampo Swivels
  • Starflash Pulsating Skirts
  • Lakeland Blades

Woody Clapham has been building baits for himself and others since 1964. He traveled all over the United States fishing professionally and has won numerous national tournaments. He gives Bass fishing seminars and had all the top sponsors in the fishing world. Woody owned and operated a Bass Pro Shop dealership in Iowa City, Iowa known as Woody's Tackle and he designed and built his own brand of Jigs, Spinnerbaits, and Buzzbaits. 

In 2000 he decided to build and package baits to not only compete on the open market but to give higher quality baits at an improved price. The new company name known as Woody's Pro Lures is located on Lake Thunderhead in northern Missouri. All baits are built and packaged in house by our Award winning fisherman.

It's a great day when you build a bait to catch your own fish, it is even a greater day when you build baits so others can catch their fish. We feel our job is to not only help our customers catch their next fish, but also help them become a better all around fisherman or fisherwoman.